denali kidcare dental provider in AnchorageDr. Scott Laudon is a Denali Kidcare Dental Provider in the state of Alaska. Our dental practice accepts most forms of insurance as well as Denali Kid Care and medicaid. We try to make our services affordable to everyone, as we believe dental care should be available to every single person in our great state.

What Is Denali KidCare?

Its a form of dental insurance that helps pay for the dental care of children up to the age of 18 years old. It is also an expansion of the medicaid program in Alaska and has certain income requirements in order to qualify.

You can find out more about the Denali Kidcare program here.

Just like regular dental insurance, you will need to renew this plan every 12 months. 45 days before the end of your term you will receive a pre-printed form in the mail.

How To Apply For Denali KidCare?

If you meet the income guidelines as outlined here, there are three ways you can apply. Either by printing an application here, applying online here or through

However you apply for Denali Kidcare, be sure to let us know you plan on using this form of dental insurance when you call.

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