Looking For An Emergency Dentist In Anchorage?

Are you looking for an emergency dentist? Then you’ve found the right place! We take emergency dental patients and can help you even after hours. If you are experiencing an emergency dental issue and need to see our qualified dentist, call us as soon as you can so we can squeeze you in our schedule.

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We know emergencies happen which is why at Alcan Dental Group, we are ready to help! Emergency dental issues can come in a variety of forms, including:


Crown comes off

Bleeding or swollen gums

Hurting or sensitive teeth

Emergency Dentist In Anchorage AlaskaChipped tooth or crown

Broken filling

Fractured tooth

Broken dentures

Infected tooth requiring a root canal

When an emergency comes up that involves your teeth and gums, food is hard to chew, your face may be swollen, and you are probably in a lot of pain.

Dr. Scott Laudon, DMD and his team are ready to take care of your dental emergency, whatever the situation. We will work you in as quickly as possible, relieve the pain and make it possible for you to chew food. We will set up a treatment plan to handle the long-term effects of the emergency so your teeth and gums are back to normal as soon as possible.

Here is a more in-depth look at problems you might experience.

Tooth Pain and Accidents

Ongoing tooth pain. This might mean the tooth or gum has been infected with bacteria. Get to the dentist as soon as possible, especially if it is the type of pain that hot or cold compresses don’t help.

Swollen gums. Inflamed gums can mean an infection that is localized to just one or more teeth. If you have a bad taste in your mouth that won’t go away, this is another indicator of infection. Go to the dentist as soon as possible for treatment so it doesn’t spread.

Tooth comes out. If you are in an accident and one of your teeth comes out, find the tooth, soak it in either milk or the solution you use for your contact lenses. Don’t try to clean the tooth or to scrub it.

Call us as soon as you can and we will let you know what time to get to our office. It is very possible the dentist can re-insert the tooth. He will probably take X-rays to make sure the root or the bone beneath isn’t fractured.

Trauma due to accident. If you fall and feel a severe impact in the area of your mouth and jaw, you need to have the dentist check for potential tooth and bone fractures.

Chipped tooth. Get to the dentist quickly to let the dentist check if it needs treatment. These can be serious, requiring a root canal or crown. Or it may need little or no work done to it. It’s better to be sure.

Sensitivity. If your tooth is suddenly sensitive to sugar, it probably indicates decay. You will most likely need a filling.

Gum Issues

Bleeding gums. This usually mean gingivitis or gum disease. The sooner this is treated, the less danger you have of it becoming serious. Timely treatment is very important for all gum disease.

Crowns and Dentures

Crown falls off. Get to the dentist quickly so he can cement it back on. If you can’t get to the dentist right away, buy a dental emergency kit from the drug store that has temporary cement.

Broken denture. Get to the dentist as quickly as possible. Sometimes these can be repaired. Try not to use them until he has a chance to evaluate the damage.

Call Us Immediately At (907) 341-4488