What Are Composite Fillings?

Have you ever had a cavity or have seen other people’s filling? Composite filling are the easiest way to repair decaying teeth. Many adults today have metal filling and they are easy to see because of their gray color. They did not match the natural color of teeth and just didn’t look good.

Today, most dentist use a composite resin that can be colored to match the shade of your teeth, making them nearly impossible to see without an xray. These new materials are stronger, last longer and look better than the previous ‘metal’ fillings.

Composite fillings can now hide the dental work you have had done. Every time you talk, people won’t be looking at your ‘gray’ colored teeth, unless of course you have a gold tooth!

What if you already have metal fillings? Depending on your current fillings we can most likely replace them with this new material and match the color to your teeth.

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