Do You Need Dental Bonding?

You have small cracks, a crooked tooth or small chips in your teeth, usually on the front. How can you fix these small imperfections and make your teeth look great again? For small issues like these, veneers might not be worth the time and money but dental bonding can definitely help.

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Why Dental Bonding?

This procedure can be done quickly. Do you have a small chip in your front teeth? Dental bonding can help even out your teeth. If you bit your nails or maybe chipped a tooth, dental bonding can help fill in the gaps of worn down teeth. This is also a cost effective dental procedure that will get you the results you are looking for without having to get veneers or other more costly cosmetic procedures.

Our dental bonding techniques can get you in and out in one day with a new look! Fix that gap, fix that chipped tooth today.

So What Is Dental Bonding?

It’s a fast, painless and effective way of fixing damaged or crooked teeth. Our dentist will roughen up the surface of your tooth and apply a coat of resin that is then hardened by an intense light. We then shape, trim and polish the bonded material, thus fixing the chip or crack. If you are looking to get teeth whitening done, you will need to get that done before the bonding is done. The bonding is matched to your current teeth color, so if you get your teeth whitened after the bonding, the bonded material will show up.

What Uses Can Bonding Be Used For?

Fill cavities

Close very small gaps by making your teeth slightly bigger

Fill in cracks

Fill in chips (especially on yoru front teeth)

Help protect teeth that have roots exposed from receding gums

Straighten your teeth

Many people choose bonding because its a more affordable alternative to veneers, crowns and bridges. The difference with bonding is that you may have to get it replaced, fixed or touched up in the future, especially if you decide on getting your teeth whitened. If you have questions about our dental bonding procedures, give us a call today.

Contact Us About Our Dental Bonding Procedure

(907) 562-4774