Why Get Professional Teeth Cleaning?

You might be wondering this if you already brush and floss your teeth daily. You’ve probably heard your dentist say you need to get regular cleanings every six months, but why does it matter? Having a professional clean your teeth is an important step in keeping your mouth healthy and preserving your smile.

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Professional Cleanings Remove Tartar & Plaque

Dental Hygiene In Anchorage AlaskaOur hygienist will remove tartar and plaque buildup on your teeth. This is a hard and sticky substance that most people cannot get off their teeth by just brushing. Did you know that these two substances are full of harmful bacteria that cause cavities and even gum disease if left untreated. Gum disease starts with tartar and plaque buildup it then progresses and has been linked to other serious health problems, from heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even diabetes.

By having your teeth professionally cleaned, we can address these issues before they become bigger problems down the road. This is why it’s important to invest in your overall oral health now, otherwise you’ll be paying for it in the future with other health problems.

Professional Cleanings Help Brighten Up Your Teeth

When you come in for a cleaning, we not only remove tartar and plaque but we also polish your teeth. We can help scrape away some of the discolorations on your teeth. A professional cleaning helps to get rid of stains which will make your teeth look whiter.

Professional Cleanings Help To Strengthen Your Teeth

Have you ever been offered a fluoride treatment? This liquid helps to strengthen your teeth and can even help reverse some minor tooth decay. Fluoride actually helps to fill in little holes on your teeth where cavities are beginning, this then helps to strengthen and stop those cavities from forming.

We Can Help You Develop Good Brushing/Flossing Habits

When you have your teeth professionally cleaned by one of our hygienist, they can offer you advise on how to develop good dental habits. If you can see the damage caused by not brushing or flossing, this might help you see the reasons why you need to develop these habits sooner, rather than later.

We can also help you with your techniques or show you how to properly brush your teeth daily. There are protective measures we can suggest to you like dental sealants and nightguards if necessary.

Come See Us For Your Teeth Cleaning!

We hope you see the reasons why you should get your teeth cleaned professionally and why it matters for your health. Regular dental checkups should be apart of your life. This will also help to brighten your smile and give you confidence daily. We will always recommend you get your teeth professionally cleaned at least every six months.

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