Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered the major advance in dental science in the last 20 years. They are artificial teeth that look and act just like real teeth. They are popular, effective and last a lifetime. If you are self-conscious because you are missing a tooth, you are a good candidate for a dental implant.

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11 Great Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants In Anchorage Alaska#1. Improve your appearance.

You will look better with all your teeth. Strangers notice your smile right away when meeting you.

#2. Eat whatever you like.

Your implants act just like real teeth. They don’t have the chewing and sticking problems that dentures do. You can eat all types of food, from peanut butter to corn on the cob, without concern.

#3. Speak with clarity.

Implants feel and act just like your real teeth. You don’t have to worry about the hissing or clicking sound that often occurs with dentures. Immediately after getting them, you can speak easily and with clarity.

#4. Your implants are permanent.

Implants don’t come out each night for cleaning. On the contrary, their anchors actually fuse with your jawbone, becoming a permanent part of your mouth.

#5. Caring for them is easy.

You take care of your implants the same way you do your regular teeth, by flossing, brushing and regular checkups. You don’t need to take them out to scrub them or soak them overnight.

#6. Your mouth retains its shape.

When you have teeth missing, your jawbone can actually deteriorate over time, which results in what is called a facial collapse. The lips tend to fold inward and the lower part of the face develops a “witch’s chin.”

Wrinkles are more common around the mouth. The result is looking older than your years. Implants eliminate the chance of this happening. You look younger and more vibrant.

#7. Your mouth is back to its natural state.

When you get implants, your mouth once again has a strong and stable foundation. You can eat and speak in comfort. Your mouth acts natural and looks natural.

#8. Your smile looks its best.

The aesthetics of just one missing tooth makes a negative impression on people. If you have several, the effect is compounded. Implants work better and look more natural than bridges. This is especially true if the missing teeth are in the front of your mouth.

#9. Implants are better for your mouth than bridges.

When you have bridges inserted, the dentist needs to grind down the adjacent teeth. This compromises their long-term health. With implants, this isn’t necessary.

#10. Improve your quality of life.

Dental implants let you eat what you want. They eliminate the need for messy and possibly toxic denture adhesives. The implants are permanent so you don’t have the inconvenience or embarrassment of taking your teeth out each night.

#11. Implants keep your mouth healthier.

Implants reduce the chance of periodontal disease, which comes from bacteria and leads to chronic infection and inflammatory disease. Caring for them is as simple as brushing, flossing and getting regular checkups. If you do this, your smile will stay bright and healthy for a lifetime.

We Offer Free Consultations For Dental Implants

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