Reasons Why You May Need Oral Surgery?

Alcan Dental Group now offers oral surgery! Our newest dentist can offer IV sedation as well as oral surgery. But why would someone need oral surgery?

There are a few conditions that may require surgery, while some are cosmetic others are for your oral health.

Wisdom Teeth

Oral Surgery In Anchorage AlaskaMany young teenagers have their wisdom teeth removed. This is because your wisdom teeth can crowd your mouth, shifting your teeth and messing up your bite. They can cause more problems if left. Wisdom teeth are also the most common teeth to never fully emerge and can remain trapped between your gum-line and jaw. This can cause your gums to swell, as well as shift teeth nearby which will then cause gaps and alignment issues.

Dental Implants

Whether you have lost teeth or damaged teeth, dental implants are a common solution. Implants are a more permanent solution and requires implanting rods into the jawbone. Dental implants are also an alternative to dentures, but have a higher cost and require more visits to the dentist to complete the entire procedure from start to finish.

Reconstructive Surgery Or Repair Facial Trauma

Whether you have a broken jaw or have facial trauma, an oral surgeon can help fix any issues regarding your jaw, your bite and alignment of teeth.

Whether you have pain and need help or are looking to get dental implants, our oral surgeon can help you look and feel your best. We offer free consultations, which allows you to come in and sit down with our oral surgeon who will go over all of your options with you. Ask as many questions as you need!

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