Pediatric Dentist In Anchorage Alaska

Children have very specific dental requirements that change as they get older. Dr. Scott Laudon, DMD and his staff are highly trained professionals that can provide excellent care to your children whatever their ages. They are experienced with pediatric dentistry and its very specific needs.

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8 Great Reasons To Use Alcan Dental Group

Pediatric Dentistry In Anchorage Alaska#1. The team headed by Dr. Laudon, DMD is trained in the special needs toddlers, youngsters and teens. They bring years of expertise to the treatment of the each child’s special needs.

#2. They treat children every day. That means they know how to make them comfortable, reduce their fear and talk to them so they understand what the treatment is all about. They get the job done without intimidating them or making them fearful.

#3. Dr. Laudon and his team can perform a wide range of procedures on even the youngest child. This includes those as young as 2-3 years old who start preventive dental care, repair of cavities and defects, checking for gum problems and specific oral conditions that need special care.

#4. The office is child-friendly, with small furniture just for the little ones, lots of games and children’s books. Their waiting area is kid-friendly, full of bright colors, relaxing sounds and a fish tank to help keep your children occupied.

#5. Your youngsters will often find other children in this waiting area because we treat so many. Children find this reassuring.

#6. Each team member knows how to relax your child before a treatment. For example, the dental hygienist will explain what she is going to do in advance, give your child a chance to ask questions and then demonstrate the different types of equipment she uses.

#7. The office wants every child to get excellent dental care. That is why we take Denali KidCare and many other types of insurance. If there is a problem, call us and we will work something out.

It is essential that children get treated early. It can mean the difference between excellent oral health or tooth problems for the rest of their life.

#8. We can provide education for you and for each child. We strive to provide the information each of your family members need to keep their teeth and gums clean, healthy and looking great for a lifetime.

For example, we can show you how to care for your infant’s mouth before their teeth emerge. This usually means wiping the mouth, gums and tongue with gauze. Later the dentist can give you sample toothbrushes made just for little children to get them used to brushing as early as possible.

Trust Your Children To Alcan Dental Group

You can trust the oral health of each of your children to the Alcan Dental Group. Dr. Laudon and his friendly staff are committed to giving you and your family the highest quality pediatric dental care throughout your child’s growing up years.

Whether your son or daughter needs a simple checkup or a comprehensive specialty care, the team at Alcan Dental Group will do provide exactly the treatment that is needed.

We offer you and your children a safe and positive environment, and treatment that is customized to their needs and ages.

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