Root Canal Therapy

Root canal (Endodontics) is the most popular performed procedure across the entire United States. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges in the future.

If your tooth becomes infected from the inside, you will need a root canal. An infected tooth is painful and can have serious consequences if left untreated.

Dr. Scott Laudon, DMD and his team can get rid of the pain, infection, and preserve your tooth. The sooner you call, the less damage and pain you will suffer.

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Does A Root Canal Hurt?

Root Canal Therapy In Anchorage AlaskaModern root canals are relatively painless, much like getting a filling. We offer sedation therapy for those who need help getting through this procedure.

What most people don’t understand is they are probably in more pain by not coming to see their dentist sooner, rather than waiting for the pain to become unbearable. An infected tooth can be very painful and our treatment options will be much less painful than your infected tooth!

Horror stories from years past have given this procedure a bad name. Root canal therapy is commonly done and a critical step to getting rid of the pain and preserving the tooth if the pulp has become infected.

The excruciating pain is caused by damage to the nerve and the swelling of your face. If the infection is left unchecked, it can spread to your bones and sinuses.

An infection in the mouth is serious. It needs immediate treatment. We will first treat the infection, possibly with antibiotics. This will immediately reduce the pain and get rid of the swelling. This will help lessen any long term damage to your teeth, depending on how sever your case may be.

What Is The Cause Of The Pain?

Your tooth is not all enamel. It has a living area inside, called the pulp, filled with a network of blood vessels. Bacteria can infect that pulp, either from a deep cavity or as a result of a crack in your tooth. You won’t have to guess if this happens. You will feel great pain in your tooth and jaw, and your mouth, jaw and cheek will show signs of swelling.

Where Is This Pain Happening?

The bacteria collects inside the tooth, the area called the pulp. The infection damages the nerve endings in this spot, which leads to pain and swelling.

How Does Seeing Your Dentist Help?

The dentist will first deal with the infection. This might include a round of antibiotics. He will suggest ways to deal with the pain, which might include over-the-counter remedies, cold compresses or even prescription medication.

When the infection is under control, he will perform the root canal. He opens the tooth, removes the damaged pulp and cleans the area out. He then fills and seals the tooth.

In another visit, you might need a crown put over the tooth to give it enough structure to handle chewing and eating. A crown keeps the tooth in working condition for years.

If you have pain in your mouth, don’t wait!

If you have throbbing pain and swelling, the worst thing you can do it wait. Make an appointment with Dr. Laudon as quickly as possible. Alcan Dental Group has a policy of working in emergencies as quickly as possible.

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