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Do you normally get nervous about seeing the dentist or find yourself avoiding the dentist because of fear? We now offer sedation dentistry! This allows us to help keep you calm and lessen your fear of coming to our dental clinic.

With sedation dentistry, you never feel pain!

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According to studies, over half of all Americans fear going to the dentist. About 10% of that number actually avoid going to the dentist at all due to their high level of anxiety.

The reasons people fear going to the dentist are many. For some people, they had a scary experience as a child. It is also part of the culture. Fear of the dentist is considered normal.

At the dentist office, you sit in a vulnerable position, with strange devices covering your mouth, while a masked person looms over you with fear-inducing devices.

Of course, the reality is much different. Dr. Scott Laudon and his team are there to make you feel safe and to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Your comfort and health are their first priorities.

It’s one thing to read this but it can be hard convincing your brain. That’s where sedation dentistry comes in.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dr. Laudon can use medication to relax you during the dental procedure. This is often called sleep dentistry, though strictly speaking you are awake, but sedated so your fear is minimized.

Dr. Laudon and his team use three types of sedation. Here is a look at each one.

Inhalation Sedation

This is typically called laughing gas, officially known as nitrous oxide. It puts you into a happy state, a bit light-headed with a fit of giggles. This works very fast, reaching your brain in about 20 seconds. The relaxed state lasts two or three minutes, though this is controlled by the dentist.

It has no after effects so it is safe for you to drive home after your appointment. Since there are no injections and no pills, it is a popular choice for many patients.

Oral Sedation

This choice uses an anti-anxiety medication in pill form, taken an hour or two before your appointment. As a rule, patients are advised not to drive after taking the pill so you will need someone else with you.

The side effects are feelings of drowsiness, disorientation and sometimes being forgetful. This means you probably don’t want to plan to return to work after the procedure. This is sometimes used in conjunction with IV sedation.

Intravenous, or IV, Sedation

Sedation Dentistry Offered In Anchorage AlaskaThis type of sedation involves administering an anti-anxiety drug directly into your bloodstream using a thin needle. It works quickly. The level of relaxation and sedation is deeper than what laughing gas or the anti-anxiety pillinduces.

You aren’t asleep during this period. You can answer questions but you probably won’t remember too much about the entire procedure. You definitely can’t drive yourself home afterward. You will need someone to accompany you.

All three types of sedation described are in addition to the local anesthetic that the dentist will inject to numb the area, which is still needed to control the pain.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

If you are nervous about the idea of getting worked on at the dentist office, let Dr. Laudon and his team know. You don’t have to suffer and you certainly don’t have to avoid treatment. They have the ability to reduce your anxiety so you can get the treatment you need.