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Zoom Teeth Whitening In Anchorage AlaskaLooking for professional, dentist approved teeth whitening? Zoom is the answer you are looking for!

Stained, dull teeth can sap your confidence, making you hide your smile, or not smile at all! This takes away your confidence. It can make you seem stand-offish to strangers.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, or AACD, a bright smile sends a subconscious message of health, vitality and youth. It is one of the most affordable methods you can use to enhance your appearance.

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4 Great Reasons To Get Your Teeth Whitened

  1. Bright – even teeth are an asset to your self-esteem, your work life and your social life. It may not be fair, but people judge you by how you look.
  2. It enhances your appearance quickly. This is one of the easiest ways to look younger and more vibrant.
  3. It is affordable and accessible to everyone. Teeth whitening is no longer a specialty service. It has gone mainstream, especially with our professional ZOOM whitening treatments.
  4. It has no side-effects, except for better self-confidence. There is no pain involved. You don’t have to wait for anything to heal or fix. You are good to go as soon as the treatment is over. (There may be some pain, or tenderness while being treated with the ZOOM whitening).

What Causes Discoloration?

With the regular wear and tear due to eating and aging, it is normal to have teeth get darker, stained and yellow. Look at a child’s smile and notice how bright and white their teeth are.

In addition, your teeth can become stained and discolored for these reasons:


Antibiotics like tetracycline

Dark foods, coffee, soda

Tooth decay

Root canals


High levels of fluoride

Teeth Whitening As A Popular Treatment

Teeth whitening has become one of the most requested dental services. The quality, speed and results from in-office whitening can’t be compared to what happens with a kit from the grocery store.

In addition, when you get it done by a dentist, you have access to a professional who carefully monitors the procedure from beginning to end. We can answer all your questions about what to expect.

What can teeth whitening do for you? Dental strength teeth whitening can remove persistent stains as well as brighten and even out your smile.

What Is ZOOM Whitening?

Give them your best smile! Come in to Alcan Dental Group for our ZOOM teeth whitening treatment. We use the latest technology and the safest treatment available, ZOOM WhiteSpeed Light-Activated Whitening System. Plus if you schedule today, we’ll give you $300 off! (For first time patients who have never used our whitening)

The light-activated gel speeds up the whitening process, getting your teeth their whitest. The results are dramatic, up to eight shades lighter in just 45-60 minutes!

The gel is enhanced by the Whitening LED Accelerator. Working together, they dissolve the stains on your teeth, even those deep down.

But it is completely gentle and safe for the enamel on your teeth and for your gums. Even if your teeth are very sensitive, the ZOOM Whitening system should go painlessly. There may be some tenderness or slight pain to this treatment, you will want to talk with our staff and ask as many questions as you need.

The materials are applied three times, for 15 minutes each, in the course of one hour. After the last application, you rinse and the entire treatment is completely finished! You now have a bright, clean smile that will dazzle friends, family and everyone you meet.

Where ZOOM Whitening Works Best

ZOOM is most effective on yellow staining, the result of aging, dark cola, tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco. If you were treated with tetracycline and have a grayish cast to your teeth, you will still see results, but not as dramatic.

Dr. Scott Laudon, DMD will check your teeth and determine the best level of whitening for your particular smile. Each treatment starts with a teeth shade assessment that is personalized for your mouth.

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